4-8 November, 2019

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Cape Town International Convention Centre
South Africa

Cape Town Water Shortage

Water shortage updates

As you are likely aware, Cape Town has been experiencing severe drought and water shortage, which has resulted in a widespread water crisis and water shortage for the whole community.

There have been many concerns about the water situation in Cape Town, but it is important to note that it should not impact visitors to Cape Town too heavily.

The situation

Winter rainfalls have been encouraging. According to the City of Cape Town, 216mm of rain fell in May, much higher than the same time last year. Western Cape Government had said the average dam levels for the province has finally improved, attending now 29.8% as rain has finally come back to the region.

However, Cape Town is still experiencing water shortage and 
actively pursuing opportunities to increase the supply of water including groundwater, reuse, desalination, swaps/purchase of water from agriculture and small sources such as springs which will take us away from being solely dependent on rainwater.

All hotels have implemented the following water saving initiatives:
- Desalination Plants
- Removal of bath plugs
- Water-free Ecolab hand sanitizers in public restrooms
*Swimming pools will remain open as 100% non-potable water is used.

How you can save water

As a visitor, the City of Cape Town advises you to:
  • - Wash your hands less frequently and use hand sanitiser instead where possible
  • - Take short showers
  • - Not leave the tap running while brushing your teeth
  • - Only flush the toilet when really necessary

Latest rainfalls paired with water shortage implemented by locals, visitors and the City are making a huge difference to the crisis.

Africa Oil Week is supporting Cape Town and its community during this hard time. We encourage all visitors, our partners and delegates to follow water shortage measures as long as necessary while visiting the city.