National Showcase Theatre

Join us at the brand new National Showcase Forum at this year's Africa Oil Week, a dedicated platform for Ministers and NOCs to showcase opportunities in their national energy sector, as well as opportunities for bidding rounds and country roadshows to take place. This is a unique platform where you can gain insight into the the energy community of South Africa, as well as attract investment and operators to your country

Tuesday: South African Showcase

  • A full day of networking and insights into to the South African Energy Community
  • Opportunity to create partnerships with key stakeholders 
Topics include:
  • South Africa in the global energy narrative
  • Attracting upstream investors to South Africa
  • South African farm-out opportunities
  • Gas: South Africa’s Gas-to-Power Strategy and Unconventional Gas
  • Local Content & Procurement: Driving Growth for Local Businesses

Who should attend?
Investors seekings opportunities within the South African energy community and local South African energy representatives. 

Wednesday & Thursday: National Showcases & Bidding Rounds

The National Showcase Theatre is a specially designed stage for governments to overview their national hydrocarbon sector to attract investment and operators to their country. The world is now in a highly competitive place, it is not only your regional neighbours who are looking to develop and exploit their oil and gas sectors, Africa is competing on the global stage with countries such as Guyana, North Sea, US Unconventional resources and much more. As a country this is your opportunity to promote your economy, fiscal terms and geology to expedite investment and partnership.
To do this we have an hour session designed purely for you to meet new partners and capital providers. Topcis include:

  • Exploration History
    • What wells have been drilled and the result
    • We advise this session should be presented by the Ministry or National Oil Company
  • Seismic Update
    • What Seismic has been shot
    • What new Seismic has been acquired showing new prospectively
    • We advise this part of the session is presented by your Geologist or supporting Geophysical contractor
  • Future Drilling Campaigns
    • What drilling campaigns are planned in the coming 12-24 months
    • We advise this should be undertaken by your National Oil Company
  • Commercial terms within the country
    • What are the fiscal terms
    • What are the contract terms of operating
    • We advise this should be undertaken by your regulator

To find out how your country can be showcased enquire today.