Finance Forum

Extended for 2019!

Tuesday 5th November

As Africa continues to offer unparalleled investment opportunities within the Hydrocarbon sector, the Finance Forum will explore how key stakeholders can tap into large pools of global capital to finance and drive.

Key discussion topics include

  • How can Africa reinvent itself to attract more international capital?
  • An analysis of where current investment is coming from
  • Devising a strategy to help your business secure development or export credit finance
  • Financing FLNGs: Extended Case Studies
  • How should the banking industry work to drive sustainability from the ground up?

Who should attend?

  • NOCs and Operators wanting to attract foreign investment. Learn about what is driving foreign investment decisions and how you can position yourself as an attractive investment opportunity
  • Banks and investors wanting to learn more about Africa’s investment outlook and discover untapped areas that could provide real ROI