Tanzania Petroleum

Tanzania Petroleum
Tanzania Petroleum is a web magazine that reports consistently on the latest news from field development projects around East Africa.
In any market, winners are the best informed. Tanzanian petroleum facilitating a key role in many organizations. It provides useful information that helps them in making strategic career and business decision.
There is always something happening in the oil and gas sector in East Africa. The problem is how to keep up with the update and new development occurring in the industry. Not anymore.  On Tanzania Petroleum, we share:
1.News & Events: The latest news and development in oil and gas industry delivered to you every day. Stay up to date with strategic conferences and events. Maximize business to business connectivity.
2.Companies & Projects :Discover the latest projects in your target market and see who’s winning the contracts.
Our offering provides our clients with an excellent platform to communicate directly with their target audience  in the upstream  oil and gas sector.

Contact us through info@tanzaniapetroleum.com /+255655376543