South African Chamber of Commerce

South African Chamber of Commerce
The purpose of the Chamber is to provide business support to members, prospective members, UK and SA, Exporters and Importers. The secondary purpose is to support the investment projects encouraged by the President of South Africa.

The SA Chamber delivers these outcomes the following ways: Supporting UK business to handle the complexities of inbound investment into South Africa by making the process understandable, smooth and achievable;We will work with our own team and solutions providers in SA and the UK to provide discounted services to members that drives their businesses.

The business support services range from helping individuals, SMEs and new businesses to handle the transition from one country to the other in a seamless, effective manner. We will provide information, solutions, introductions and where possible get members to support members.

Other value added services will include many events a month ranging through the year from cocktails to presentations, seminars, talks, debates, round-tables held either at breakfast, lunch or evening times. These events provide two purposes – information transfer, learning about both countries and networking for business and personal benefit. 
We are working towards supporting a joined up South African community in the UK that is together for shared benefits without age, political or racial divides – a true Rainbow Community. We work together for the passion of wanting to give back to South Africa in a way that benefits individuals directly.