WEBINAR: Natural Gas & LNG Development

The Promise of Mozambique - Updates on Building a Natural Gas Hub

This webinar is now CPD accredited.

The story of Mozambique’s energy development in the last decade has been at the forefront of African oil and gas evoking a vision of what future energy projects may look like for other African nations. The emergence of a significant gas hub in Southern Africa is providing lessons in stakeholder engagement, project finance, and global industry collaboration from pre-FEED to operational implementation. In this AOW webinar, key questions and perspectives were discussed including:
  • How will Mozambique LNG supply impact the global LNG industry over the next 5 years?
  • What will be the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on current project development and market drivers?
  • How can Mozambique and Southern Africa secure and upskill the workforce needed to achieve its ambitions?
  • What are the post-FID opportunities available for Mozambican and Southern African SMEs in the gas supply chain?
  • What role can Mozambique’s natural gas and LNG play in regional energy security in the next decade?

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