Update on Xenophobic Violence in SA

Africa Oil Week notes South Africa’s Presidential apology to Nigeria and public commitment to resolve issues at the heart of recent xenophobic violence.

Organisers of Africa Oil Week, ITE, are heartened by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s formal apology to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari for xenophobic attacks on its citizens in South Africa.
Mr Ramaphosa said the incidents “did not represent the values that his country cherished”.
South Africa's special envoy, Jeff Radebe, conveyed the apology when he visited Nigeria on Monday. Mr Radebe said: "We met with His Excellency, President Buhari, to convey our sincerest apologies about the incidents that have recently transpired in South Africa.
"We believe that the crisis must serve as an opportunity for us to make sure that the scourge of unemployment, inequality and poverty in Africa is attended to by our leaders."
In a statement after the meeting, Nigeria's Presidency said: "President Buhari responded to profuse apologies from the South African President, pledging that the relationship between the two countries will be solidified."
Messrs Buhari and Ramaphosa are expected to meet during Buhari’s state visit to South Africa in early October.
An end to the wave of violence and the South African commitments, notwithstanding, ITE assures delegates that their safety is its utmost priority and that all necessary security measures will be put in place to make sure the event is a successful experience for all.
Chris Hall, Group Event Director, said: “Africa Oil Week is of importance to a broad spectrum of African and other stakeholders and we are committed to ensuring it will take place.
“To this end, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and work with officials of the CTICC venue, the City of Cape Town and local security service teams to ensure that we have the appropriate security plans and personnel in place for the event.”