The inaugural AOWomen Initiative kicked off with an exclusive breakfast briefing on the morning of Thursday 8 November, and is set to return in 2019 in an even bigger way. With a focus on the need to mainstream women in energy and to develop blueprints for capacity building and gender equality, the goal of AOWomen is to ensure woman have a presence, voice and opinion in shaping energy policy, transaction and agreements across Africa.

Pillars of the Initiative

Supporting todays female leaders with access to the mainstream
To provide an exclusive platform to position women at the decision-making table of every major project and policy reform discussion for the continent. Putting Women in the African Energy mainstream is critical to ensure gender balance is achieved at every level of business in Africa. This segment will look at how to change the mechanisms that are required to promote greater board gender diversity in the African energy mainstream.

Gender equality in Energy
The energy sector provides a huge opportunity for employment and capacity development in Africa. As global companies look to partner and invest in the energy space, local content policy must demand a balanced and equal gender mix.

Future leaders and capacity building
Inspire tomorrows female leaders in energy. To appoint a board of Ambassadors with a role to inspire and drive opportunity for tomorrows female leaders. The initiative must therefore lean on today’s leaders to inspire and support tomorrows female decision makers in access to opportunity and employment.

To develop a workable blueprint and milestones for gender equality in Energy
Throughout the event our founder members will be working with the delegates of the initiative to build and create blueprints that can be measured over the course of the following year. Within the blueprints we will develop KPI`s to ensure the initiative is a results-based programme that moves the needle of change on gender diversification in the African Energy space.

Whilst continuing to nurture a more gender balanced boardroom amongst the corporates, the AOWomen in Energy also looks to support the female future business owners and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, by exposing them to the opportunities and trends of tomorrows African energy markets.

More information?

For more information on this initiative and to find out how you can get involved, please contact Catriona McDavid, Conference Producer at