Advisory Board

The Africa Oil Week Advisory Board brings together key industry leaders from across the world to advance and develop the African oil, gas and energy sectors.

Together our Summit Chairmen and the AOW Conference Director, Paul Sinclair, use their collective experiences to develop an impactful annual agenda designed to reduce bottlenecks, develop enabling environments conducive to sustainable growth for the sector. The Summit Advisory Board is made up of key industry figures from international oil companies, national oil companies, oilfield service companies, independent oil companies and other industry stakeholders. These individuals collectively develop and lead the ideas for the most cutting-edge conference content that will drive and shape a progressive future for the African Oil, Gas and Energy sector. 

The 2019 Advisory Board will be anounced early next year. 

The Advisory Board has experts on each subcommittee to ensure AOW is representing the whole ecosystem. The 2018 Sub-committees and members include: