Advisory Board

Our advisory board is made up of key leaders within the oil and gas industry. From Ministers to heavy-weights of national, independent and international oil companies and oilfield services, the whole upstream sector is represented.

These leaders help us to better represent the voice of the African oil and gas industry to provide you with a pioneering upstream agenda which is at the heart of the industry’s needs.

Through regular meetings and conference calls they help us navigate the political landscape, advise on key topics and connect us to senior stakeholders.

Membership of the Africa Oil Week Advisory Board can be broken down into the following subcommittees:

  • Business Intelligence - This committee explores the latest reforms and policy changes that will determine which countries develop the most enabling environments for future growth.
  • Finance - The Advisory Board Finance Committee will gather to shape compelling dialogue as to how FDI can shape and drive sustainable Pan–Continental Oil, Gas and Energy Sectors. Africa Oil Week will host Development Finance Institutions, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Multilateral Banks, Export Credit Agencies, Investment Banks and Private Equity Funds to curate and develop the most pioneering finance sessions to advance Africa.
  • Gas - The African Gas equation is regarded by many as one of the key opportunities for E&P companies in Africa. Our Gas advisory committee will explore and develop themes that showcase how technology be used to:
    •  Accelerate discovery to first gas
    •  Africa in the context of global LNG
    • The broader gas supply and demand equation
  • Government - Government Institutions carry the heavy responsibility of shaping the competitive nature of their country’s Oil and Gas sectors for international participation. The Government focused sub-committee is designed to raise the key issues facing regulators, NOCs and commissions in creating equitable partnerships with the private sector to drive growth and sector development.
  • Oilfield Services - Following the sector’s down-turn, a huge emphasis has been placed on cost reduction in field development to allow for production. Contractors across the sector convene in the Oil Field Services (OFS) Committee to create sessions that promote the latest innovation and developments that will support in creating greater margins in the African upstream.
  • Association 
  • Geoscience - The Geoscience sub-committee will work together to develop content that supports the exploration of new frontiers and basins. The mandate of the committee will be to develop compelling insights into the challenges faced by the exploration element of the industry and how we can advance data acquisition across Africa.
  • Independent - Independents will continue to face very real challenges in the exploration and development element of the African Oil and Gas markets. Governance, policy, political stability and forex all play a part in any decision an Independent will consider when considering market entry. Our specialist committee from the Independents’ community will develop and create engaging content that will outline how the sector can advance and develop the exploration and production stages of the African Oil and Gas sector.
  • IOC - Our committee from the IOC community will showcase key inhibitors to their growth and develop conference sessions that support open dialogue to overcoming their core challenges. Within the sessions, created by our experts, we will develop content that offers recommendations on how we can develop the oil and gas industry to be committed to sustainable and equitable growth.