Transnet Pipelines

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Transnet Pipelines
Transnet Pipelines, established in 1965, is one of the five operating divisions of Transnet SOC (Ltd). Transnet Pipelines owns, manages and maintains a network of 3800km of hydrocarbon and methane rich gas pipelines in South Africa. Transnet offers an integrated rail and pipeline service supply chain solution for fuel in Southern Africa. Transnet Pipelines is poised to expand its footprint by offering its experience and extensive expertise in pipeline operation and maintenance to other pipeline operators on the African continent. We are also pursuing opportunities to diversify into the liquefied natural gas market. Transnet’s 4.0 strategy is focused on embracing the fourth industrial revolution and the three main growth thrusts; geographic expansion, product and service innovation as well as expansion of Transnet’s manufacturing business. Transnet has launched a new company, Transnet International Holdings, to facilitate multiple rail, port and pipeline projects in the rest of Africa.

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