5-9 November, 2018

Cape Town International Convention Centre
Cape Town, South Africa

PetroAfricanus Club
Africa Oil Week

PetroAfricanus Club Dinner

The 80th PetroAfricanus Club Dinner in Africa takes place on the opening night of the 24th Africa Oil Week 2017 Conference.

It will be held at the Mount Nelson Hotel, in the city of Cape Town, on the 24th October 2017 and will feature Keith Hill, President, CEO and Director of Africa Oil Corp. as a guest speaker.

The PetroAfricanus Club, founded in 2004, draws its origins from the African explorer Leo Africanus (c.1494-c. 1554) and has established a worldwide reputation as a key private network for management, African deal-making in oil and gas, and new business relationships for the Continent focused on the upstream oil and gas-LNG business. 

The PetroAfricanus Club is Africa's oldest established network, and boasts a suite of quartely held dinners and receptions in London, Africa and elsewhere with Guest Speakers.  The PetroAfricanus acts to connect corporate and state players,  facilitate global industry networks and deal flow in Africa’s upstream with those engaged in Africa, through intimate functions held under this exclusive club.  

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